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Application Anti-Reflective Services


    Highest quality anti reflective glass materials for the most discerning architectural applications. Learn more →


    Increase the performance of your video & photographic equipment to achieve the most vivid image possible. Learn more →


    OptiClear™ Water White Anti Reflective port window glass is the TOP choice for ultimate digital clarity. Learn more →


    Our finishes are catered to your specifications and meet the highest codes/standards for glass. Learn more →


    The highest quality anti reflective coatings for technology requiring the highest rated optical solutions. Learn more →


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With the quickest turnaround time in the industry, orders can be shipped anywhere in the world within 24 hours

Our Latest Projects and Concepts

Your Choice is Clear

OptiClear™ Anti Reflective coatings is used in a wide range of applications. Here at Optical Coatings, we specialize in anti reflective coatings for the architectural, entertainment, photographic, & technological industries. Coating solutions are also available for Custom projects.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our services include a full range of available finishes catered to your specifications. All processes meet the highest codes & standards for glass. We offer both high and low volume orders with no minimum order quantities.

OptiClear™: The ultimate choice in CLARITY

About OpticalCoatings

Optical Coatings combines design and innovation to suit the needs of today’s industries. For over 30 years, we have earned a solid reputation as a premier anti reflective glass supplier. We specialize in high-standard optical solutions, delivering the best products for different applications. Whether you need high optical performance for your photographic equipment, casino games, or architectural designs, our team will be there to help.

Our family-owned business is a subsidiary of American Computer Optics, Inc. With our exceptional customer service and extensive range of products, we remain as the top non-reflective glass supplier in Irvine, CA.

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Why People Choose Us

Quickest turnaround time in the industry

Highest quality in anti reflective coatings

Complete customer assistance

Custom designs and prototyping

The highest performance in optical solutions
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