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An LCD projector is a sophisticated type of video projection device. With this type of projectors, it is easy to display anything you want, say computer data, video, or image, on flat surfaces or screens.


How Does An LCD Projector Work?


LCD projectors use specially designed prism with anti reflective coating for the visual projection. The lights from these types of projectors are passed from a metal halide lamp. The light is then passed through the prism (the prism consists of Dichroic filters). The prism is used as a splitter. It divides the light passed to it into three panels. These panels, scientifically known as Poly-Silicon panels, are the essential components of video signals and stand for RGB (Red, Green, and Blue).


The light that passes through the prism is polarized. This helps the individual pixels to be opened up or closed according to the requirement. In short, the light can be passed or blocked. This higher-level control over the lights makes it possible to create numerous shades and colors. The clarity of the image or the visuals is also improved when LCD projectors are used.


Although LCD projectors offer more perfection than conventional type of projectors, the clarity of the visuals is determined by the type of prism in use. The prism should have anti reflective coating.


Latest Trends In The Industry


LCD projectors have undergone many changes since the introduction of the first one. 3LCD is the latest technology introduced into this genre. It is applied in most of the modern digital projection scenarios. This technology was developed by the Japanese company named Epson. However, the company has sold the patent.


Anti Reflection Coating

AR Coating Applications

Today, 3LCD technology is not owned by any company or brand and is generally used as a suffix to specify projectors that possess this feature. As of 2009, about 52% of the modern digital projectors in the world integrated 3LCD technology.


3LCD uses three LCD panel chips. Although this technology differs from the original LCD technology in a few ways, the fundamental principle by which it works remains the same. Similarly, the prisms used in 3LCD have anti reflective coating.


The invention of anti reflective glass coating and anti reflective glass has helped many applications to deliver better results, movie projection being just one of them. Other scenarios where anti reflection coating is used include surveillance camera systems, movie projection port, camera lens, etc. Get in touch with our experts for more technical details regarding anti reflection glass and AR coating.

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