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Optimized visual performance for all types of technology

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All industries are realizing the importance of unobstructed connection from viewer to screen. It is known that the less distraction a viewer has with any type of screen, the more likely whatever the goal of the display is will occur. For many years Optical Coatings has optimized visual performance for all types of technology including indoor & outdoor digital signage, kiosks, mobile computing, LED/LCD displays & more… With OptiClear™ anti reflective coated glass, reflection is kept under ½% allowing the visual experience to be enhanced tremendously. Use OptiClear™ anti reflective coatings for technology in order to:

  • Increase visual clarity
  • Increase user interaction
  • Strengthen displays
  • Lower drop off rates
  • Hydrophobic coating: Eliminate moisture + decrease maintenance.

Often time’s manufactures try to save money by substituting high quality anti reflective glass with a lower quality coating or even plastic covers. To avoid the mistake of using cheap materials and to discern yourselves from the competition, use the highest in quality when it comes to the most important part of your product: the display! Make the right choice & Gain the advantage.

Optical Coatings delivers consistent quality for any quantity order size.

Digital Signage: “Capture the attention you deserve”

Digital signage solutions are everywhere you look. The industry has rocketed over the past 10 years. With this shift comes increased need for competitive advantage in the industry. OptiClear is the solution that will separate your digital signage solutions from competitors. In an industry completely dependent on optical clarity, trust the industry leader in quality for optically coated solutions.

LCD & LED Covers

When LCD’s were introduced the first noticed disadvantage is the softness of the front of the LCD, which is damaged easily. Many manufacturers have grappled with that problem and typically put in an extremely reflective piece of plastic as the front cover. This introduced a visual hardship for the viewer. A good example of this is cell phones. For instance many cell phones are nearly impossible to read outdoors due to the reflective cover. Our technology solves that problem. The advantage of using a high quality, anti reflective coating on the glass increases the visibility & utility of the LCD/LED.

Outdoor digital menu boards

As the fast food industry pursues automated counter ordering via computers vs. human employees, our optical technology will ensure quicker response in making a choice instead of struggling to read what you are trying to sell.


Kiosks for shoppers have popped up all over the commercial landscape. With the sophistication of technologies, kiosks have become economically viable means of customer interaction. Kiosks are usually in areas with high brightness, say an airport or a Drs. Office, where the high brightness translates into a high amount of reflection on the screen. High reflection equals irritated customers and an eventual shift away from their usage of the kiosk. OptiClear™ Water White anti reflective glass is not only the highest quality but is also an economically viable solution for manufacturers. We fulfill both large and small order quantities and offer maximum sizing options. Displays can be strengthened for use against public damage.

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