Regular Float Glass

Crystal Clear Glass

Although the name ‘standard clear glass’ makes you think they are very clear, they are not. The reason for less clarity in standard clear glass is due to more iron content in them.


According to experts, glass should have minimum iron content to make it crystal clear. The low iron glass manufactured by Optical Coatings contains minimum amount of iron. If you compare the regular standard clear glass that you get in the market with the low-iron glass from Optical Coatings, you will know the difference.


Color Is Literally Absent In Low-Iron Glass


Low-iron glass has no color at all. This basic property makes them ideal for superior clarity optical solutions. Low iron glass is used in a variety of applications such as port windows, camera lenses, recording studios, etc.


Low-iron glass should be crystal clear and colorless. Although many brands market low iron glass, they may not be good always. So, if you are planning to invest money in them, get them from reputed manufactures. Optical Coatings offer superior quality low-iron glass at affordable rate.


Characteristics Of Low-Iron Glass


Low Iron Glass

Non-Glare Glass

The primary characteristic with low-iron glass is that they are crystal clear. The iron content is brought to the minimum level during the making process. When the iron content is reduced, the glass becomes light and weak. The scientists add new raw material to the glass mixture to compensate the loss of iron in them. The new raw material not only helps in strengthening the glass but also contributes to improving its clarity.


Low-iron glass has increased light transmission capacity. They remain transparent and non-reflective when you look at them from any angle or edge. Similarly, you cannot find any greenish tint on ironless glass. If you stack regular float glass, you will see a clear green tint on them. But this will not happen with low-iron glass.


Low iron glass is pure, clear, and sparkling, and because of these advantageous, they are used in numerous applications such as display cases, camera lenses, port windows, atriums, skylights etc. Although it contains low iron and uses raw material for clarity and strength, they have no limitation whatsoever. You can use them just like regular float glass.

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