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People rarely do care about how the window glass of their car is coated. How you feel inside the car depends on the coating used on window glass greatly. Let us discuss about auto glass window coating seen these days, and how glass coatings affects the driving visibility, environment, as well as the aerodynamic property of the car.


Types of coatings used for auto window glasses


Experts have no doubt that an auto glass that has been properly coated can not only improve the visibility but also the environment within the car. Various types of glass coatings are used these days. Anti fog coating is the most common type as far as the auto glass window is concerned.


According to optical coating experts, auto glass windows have got the ability to gather fog when there is any variation in the temperature. This mostly happens if the temperature inside the car is not the same as outside the car. When this leads to too much gathering of the fog, the visibility of the glass will be reduced.


An anti mist glass coatings can effectively do away with such drawbacks. As you can guess, windows that have got glass coating will offer a pleasant atmosphere within the car.


Ultra violet ray protection coating


Anti Fog Coating

Anti Mist Glass Coating

Ultra violet ray protection coating seems to be another popular coating method. Auto glasses equipped with this type of coating will prevent you from being exposed to ultra violet rays. If you have to drive for hours during daytime on a regular basis, it is highly recommended to ensure that your window glasses have ultra violet ray protection coating.


Many states make it a mandatory rule to have auto window glasses applied with ultra violet ray coating. Glasses with ultra violet ray protection coating absorb the harmful UV rays and stop them from passing through. Obviously, that would be beneficial for long drives.


That was on two of the most common auto window glass coatings in use these days. The type of coating applied for glasses is decided based on the purpose. Drop us a line for more info on glass coatings and optical coatings.

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