Optical Coating Methods

Anti Reflective Coating Glasses

When talked about optical coating, anti reflective coating is one of the frequently mentioned methods we hear about, which is one of the most expensive types. While other optical coating methods are used for all different scenarios, the anti reflective (AR) coating is applied on the surfaces of optical elements like lenses. When optical elements like lenses get AR coating, they prevent loss of light. As a result, they bring out better performance.




The lenses that have got anti reflective coating are mainly used in telescope and cameras. Because these lenses cause less reflection, the contrast of the images produced by them will have better quality. The elimination of stray light is another positive side with these glasses.


These days, most of the telescopes used in planetary astronomy centers have lenses with anti reflective coating. The reason why the researchers go for these types of telescopes over traditional types of lenses is simple.


AR coating for eyeglass


Lenses with AR coating are not only used for tools or equipments used in commercial or research scenarios. They are used in basic things like spectacles these days. Recent reports indicate that eyeglass lenses also benefit from AR coating. If the lenses of the eyeglass you wear have AR coating, it will not cause reflection of lights. Consequently, others can see the eyes of the wearer more clearly. AR coating is also capable of reducing the glint.


Corrective lenses


Anti Reflective Coating

Lenses With AR Coating

According to a recent survey, many opticians are recommending anti reflection lenses. The reason they say is that anti reflection lenses have got the power to decrease reflection. Moreover, they look better. As compared to many of the existing types of optical lenses, the anti reflective lenses cause fewer glares or no glare at all.


According to the opticians, the amount of glare that the lenses of eyeglasses produce has got a direct impact on the wearer. If the glare is less, the wearer will feel more comfortable. He/she wouldn’t feel like removing the glass from the eyes. On the other hand, if the glare is more, the wearer will want to remove the specs very often.


Anti reflective coating has become an important step in improving the quality and functionality of lenses used in most of the fields today. Feel free to get in touch with our experts to know more about the various applications of AR coated lenses.

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